Cessna 150E G-ASYP History

G-ASYP on the ground at Henlow

The history of just another hard working Cessna 150E - G-ASYP.


Creating the history of an aircraft, especially an old active one can be time consuming. I've decided that rather than spend years researching and perfecting the history, I will be adding to it as and when I can. At the moment I'm doing the early years and my only documentation in contained in the aircraft log books. So please bear with me and visit often!

I've decided to split by log book. Normally, each log book is numbered sequentially, starting at number one. As 'YP started life with an American log book, I've taken the liberty of numbering that one zero.


No. From To Airframe Hours
Logbook 0 First flight 25/11/1964 12 hours 23 minutes
Logbook 1 28/11/1964 23/05/1968 2590 hours 15 minutes
Logbook 2 24/05/1968 21/10/1971 4929 hours 40 minutes
Logbook 3 23/10/1971 31/03/1975 7126 hours and one minute
Logbook 4 01/01/1975 04/12/1977 8421 hours 25 minutes
Logbook 5 10/12/1977 29/05/1989 9812 hours 50 minutes
Logbook 6 04/06/1989 10/02/1999 11129 hours 50 minutes
Logbook 7 11/02/1999 02/10/2010 12028 hours 20 minutes
Logbook 8   Current  

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Last updated: 31 January 2016