Cessna 150E G-ASYP History Logbook 7



G-ASYP on the ground at Henlow


This log book was opened by Bonus Aviation on 11/02/1999 with 11129:50 brought forward from the previous log book. The group had reluctantly moved the maintenance of the aircraft to Bonus following a disagreement with the previous organisation.

In July 1999, Scott and Mark went on a trip to the Loire Valley.

For their 2000 trip, Scott and Mark visited the Rhur and the Dams.

In the autumn of 2001, G-ASYP went away to Bonus Aviation for it's three yearly Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) check. If did not return for a long time (February 2002). Amongst other things, the undercarriage mounting plates were found to be badly exfoliated (corroded) and required replacement. Unfortunately, there were none to be found and repairs had to wait for Cessna to do a new batch in January 2002.

G-ASYP legless    G-ASYP legless    G-ASYP undercarriage brackets

G-ASYP with the undercarriage off.    The exfoliated brackets.

At the same time, the pilots seat was in need of repair, it was broken in the normal place (at the base of the seat back) and a loan seat was fitted. Also, the ADF was snagged as faulty on the radio part of the CofA.

Scott and Mark went away for a trip to France in June 2003.

For a change, Bob and Neil took 'YP for a short vacation in Northern Ireland in the August of 2003

Scott and Mark took YP on holiday in May 2004. It should just have been for a week, but it took a lot longer. On the climb out from Biarritz the right hand magneto became loose from the aircraft, shook free allowing several parts to fall into the engine. After an interesting landing, it was subsequently discovered on the engine's return to the UK that the damage was so severe it had to be written off completely and only a very few minor parts were salvageable.

A new engine was sourced, but due to various and many problems, we not fitted until February 2005. As the starter motor on the new engine was electrically triggered, rather than mechanically by pulling on a lever, the lever was replaced by a simple push button. The aircraft was flown (via various airfields, including Henlow on the 12/03/2005) to Bidford (arriving on 15/03/05??) for it's much delayed Annual Inspection. 'YP was ferried back to Henlow on Saturday 09/04/2005. It had been a long holiday...


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