Cessna 150E G-ASYP History Logbook 5



G-ASYP on the ground at Henlow

    The C of A was renewed by Holdcroft Aviation Services Ltd at Hinton In the Hedges on the 11th of May 1979 with very little problem.

    Routine maintenance now seems to have been performed by Rhineland Air Services of Mönchengladback, Germany.

    By May 1982, maintenance was being performed by Stapleford Flying Club and at around this time it seems that the aircraft had been transferred back to England and new ownership at that time.

    On the 1st of May 1985, Avionics Mobile of Elstree Aerodrome fitted a Dittel FSG50 720 channel Comm unit.

    By the 11/07/1988, when the annual radio check was carried out (again by Avionics Mobile), the Narco 528 had to be labelled "Inoperative". It remained so until it was repaired by Thurston Avionics Ltd. at Stapleford on the 13th of November 1987.

    The next C of A was completed on 14/06/1988.

    The logbook was closed at 9812 hours 50 minutes.

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