Cessna 150E G-ASYP History Logbook 0



G-ASYP on the ground at Henlow

Cessna 150, constructors number 150 60794 first flew from Wichita , USA in the summer of 1964 carrying the markings N6094T. The exact date is not recorded, but it was early in early August. The flight(s) prior to a 15 minute local flight on the 22nd of August are not recorded other than as a single entry. The aircraft collected it's first of many logbook corrections as the total of 1.5 hours was changed 1 hour 30 minutes.

Following a six hour cross country to New Orleans and a delivery check flight, it is expected that the aircraft was sea freighted across the Atlantic.

Upon it's purchase by Westair Flying Services from Reims Aviation, it was ferried from Brussels to Blackpool, departing on the 26th of October and arriving on the 27th, routing via Southend and Leeds/Bradford.

Westair Flying Services then spent the next month carrying out a Check 1 and performing Anglicisation, after which the original American style logbook was closed at a total of 12 hours 23 minutes.

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