Cessna 150E G-ASYP History Logbook 2



G-ASYP on the ground at Henlow

    For the year 1968 'YP was kept active and busy, flying most days, typically up to 4 hours airborne.

    Unfortunately 1969 got of a to a bad start. On the 2nd of January something happened. Exactly what has not been recorded for posterity, but "possible 'in flight' damage to the rear spar on the port wing" was reported. Whatever is was, it was true and the port wing had to come off. The fuel tank, flap and aileron were removed to give access to the rear spar. The damaged inner rear spar section to splice at station 84.0 was removed and replaced by a new one. Following the refitting of the wing the aircraft was back in the air on the 18th of January.

    In the July of 1969 a Two Year Certificate of Airworthiness Renewal was carried out, during which the aircraft paint was stripped down to the bare metal an then re-sprayed.

    In the August of 1969, 'YP had an avionics refit. The original King KX150A Nav/Com was removed and replaced by a New Narco Mk.12A Nav/Com with ILS.

    On the 1st of June 1970, the engine mount was found to be cracked at the nose leg attachment collar. It was removed and was repaired by welding it.

    Poor 'YP copped it again on the 13th of August 1970 - another heavy landing was reported and the engine mounting frame was found to be broken at the lower nose gear clamping collar. The engine mounting frame had to be replaced and as the engine only had 50 hours left to run, it too was replaced.

    The new engine didn't last long an on the first 50 hour inspection as cylinder case stud was found to be loose the the previous engine was swapped back in again. Interestingly, having being removed with 50 hours left, when it was re-installed it only had 40 hours left.

    By the October, the engine was now completely time-expired and was replaced again by the "new" engine, with 1756 hours 50 minutes left.

    The C of A was renewed on the 20th of May 1971, during which the luck-less engine was again removed (cracked No.1 cylinder and cylinder stud pulling out) and returned to Rolls-Royce under warranty.

    The log book was closed at 4929 hours 40 minutes

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