Cessna 150E G-ASYP Engine History

The normal engine fitted to a Cessna 150 is a Continental O200-A, as far as I can ascertain, the original engine was a Continental built unit and all subsequent engines originated at Rolls-Royce.

Engine Model Serial No. Installed Removed Hours
Continental O200-A 60239-4-a 22/07/1966 1034.55
O200-A 20R-747   06/01/1968 1963 tacho hours total.
O200-A 61602-5-A   14/08/1970 4061.40 airframe hours.
O-200-A 60126-4-A   10/09/1970 50
O-200-A 61602-5-A   16/10/1970 4191.20 airframe hours.
O-200-A 60126-4-A   20/05/1971 400
O-200-A 61602-5-A   10/03/1973 5830.15 airframe hours.
O-200-A 20R-758   06/04/1973 (05/04/1973?) 20 hours (573 hours total).
O-200-A 21R-337   27/11/1976 (Last flight) 7900 airframe hours
O-200-A 21R-337   December 1992?  
O-200-A 21R-337 30/01/1993 18/01/2005 1261.55 engine hours total.
O-200-A 721ABQ-A-A8 18/02/2005    

Note: As the engine log books travel with the engine upon removal, I do not have access to other than the current log book.

Last updated 07 October 2005 09:06