Cessna 150E G-ASYP History Logbook 1



G-ASYP on the ground at Henlow

YP entered service with Westair Flying Services Ltd. at Blackpool in November 1964, presumably "on the fleet" as a training aircraft.

During a four monthly check completed on 04/12/1965, a Childs seat was fitted and 'YP officially became a three seater.

On the 15/12/1965, 'YP was back in the shop again while cracks on the lower rudder were repaired by riveting a doubler in place. G-ARFJ contributed a rib section for the process.

On the 07/04/1965 and at the owners request, a two year C. of A. was carried out. This is very surprising as at that stage the aircraft was at the tender age of only five months and had only flown 165 hours and 20 minutes. Accordingly, it was mostly a paper work exercise plus a four monthly inspection during which a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher were fitted for the first time.

By the summer of 1966, the engine was time-expired and on 22/07/1966 it was replaced with one from G-ATMK. The new engine had 194 hours 55 minutes on it. It appears that G-AMTK had come to grief and the engine was removed for shock load testing by Hants & Sussex Aviation before installation in 'YP.

The next major event was the routine renewal of the C. of A. on the 02/05/1967 which passed with a notable lack of problems.

On the 6th January 1968 the engine was time expired and was replaced.

The log book was closed at 2590 hours 15 minutes.

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